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Organizational Membership

An Organizational Membership is available for organizations with an interest or practice in foresight.

At least one applicant from the organization must qualify as a Full member. This member will be designated as the sponsor for the organization and will serve as the point-of-contact.

Each additional prospective organizational member must complete an individual application for full or provisional status in order to be admitted.

Organizations are allowed three members for $500, compared with individual memberships for $195 each. Each additional organizational member is $150. Members must work with the organization at least 50% of the time. 

To apply for organizational membership:  

(i) please complete the online application form,
(ii) supply necessary support documentation for designated members, including at least one who meets all of the criteria for full membership and who shall act as the designated point-of-contact,
(iii) if the full member is also a new member, ask the current APF member nominating you to email to confirm their support,
(iv) email documentation to

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